Australia tourist visa requirements for USA Citizens

Australia tourist visa requirements for USA Citizens-Visitor visa information

Australia is one of the largest countries and such a beautiful country in the world. Modernity and natural beauty have merged. Australia is the eighth-most prosperous country in the world. Its beauty will fascinate you, especially its beaches. Australia is an excellent country for any traveller for USA citizens; travelling across Australia is very simple. Both the national used the same language.

If you’re a US citizen and thinking about travelling to Australia, there’s some visitor visa information that you should be aware of. If you want to stay for more than three months, you’ll need to get an Australian visitor visa. The good news is that the process only requires a few simple steps! You can find out more by reading this blog post from VisaHQ today. When you are processing an Australian visa, you must follow Australian tourist visa requirements for USA citizens. There is a variety of visas travelling to Australia:

  1. E visitor visa(sub-class-651)
  2. electronic travel authority visa(sub-class-601)
  3. visitor visa(sub class-600)

US citizen travels to Australia for most of their ETA visas. ETA means Electronic Travel Authority visa. Let see the requirement for USA citizens that are helpful for your best travelling.

Australia tourist visa requirements for USA Citizens

What is the requirement for an ETA visa?

  • At first, you are ETA suitable country
  • The USA already it
  • this type of visa is only for visiting relatives or friends, tourism, or sort time business purpose
  • when you apply for a visa, you need to stay outside Australia.

 When you apply:

  • You can’t use it any later than 24 hours after you depart.
  • Sometimes can’t approve an Australian visa, they must contact the embassy.

How much AUS visa for the USA:

  • Tourist visa -ETA-601-1 :$20USDor your currency equivalent
  • Business visa-ETA-601-b:$30USD or your currency equivalent
  • Quick processing for 90/120minite:$50USD for every application.

Note: “Tax, fee, surcharge all are free.”

Can I pick which date will be active? 

No? your ETA visa will expire in 12 months.

How much is my passport validity date?

At least a 6-month validity requirement for every person. When your passport expires within six months, you should contact the Australian embassy.

Do you work in Australia on an ETA visa?

When you want to work in AUS, you should contact the embassy and follow their rule.

Can I stay in Australia on my ETA visa past the date?

Yes, you stay; you find the visa expiration date on the approval email. But you wait three months once you are entire. When you issue, your visa s you are valid for 12 months.

Note: “if you are an existing long-term visa, you stay 6/12 months. But any other visa you stay on for three months.”

When I have a new passport, need a new visa?

Yes, when you issue a new passport, a new visa needs for you.

Do children and kiddies allow ETA visas?

Yes, all of the age children, travel with you.

Can I stay for more than three months?

Yes, but then you contact the AU migrant office for the visa extension. That will be 06 months tourist visa; it’s a better option for staying a long time.

At a glance:

   Months Cost  

  03 AUD $20  

  Up to 12 AUD $145  


What are the required documents for an Australian tourist visa for us citizens?

  • All Citizens in the United States require ETA(Electronic Travel Authority)
  • NID Card ( National Identity Card)
  • An email account.

Remember this

  • You have to intend to come to Australia to visit only
  • You have sufficient money to stay in AU.
  • You can’t work in AU or an
  • Not allow tuberculosis person.
  • Not permit culprit person.
  • culprit person apply subclass tourist visa-600

See more on the official site

Information for an Australian Visitor visa from USA

♠Can United States citizens travel to Australia?

Yes, you can travel to Australia.

♠ how to get a visa for Australia from the USA?

Yes, can fill the application form online to get VISA quickly.

♠ Can United States citizens travel to Australia?

Yes, you can visit

♠ do I need a visa to visit Australia from the USA?


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