Bank of Marshall Islands address,websites,swift code & So more

Bank of Marshall Islands address,websites,swift code & So more

Every country must have some banks because it is not possible to keep the country’s economy afloat without banks. Therefore, there are some banks to save the money of the people of the Marshall Islands. Therefore, today we describe the bank of marshall islands.

Banks are the only way to communicate economically with the rest of the world. Again you can invest in the country through banks. Banks are formed according to the population and size of the Marshall Islands. Not many banks can be found on this island. 

Bank of marshall islands

Bank of the Marshall Islands

The Bank of the Marshall Islands is basically the location of the Marshall Islands. Therefore, everyone knows all the Marshall Islands banks together as “Marshall’s Bank.” Chartered in the Republic of Marshall Islands on 1 November 1962. The bank has been providing commercial banking services since then. Full-fledged service bank with a vast number of branches located in the Marshall Islands.

The Bank of Marshall Islands (BOMI) is the world’s first and only central bank to be based in a country that is neither a member of the International Monetary Fund, nor the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

This bank info

Founded: 1982


Industries: Banking

Type: Privately

Branch and located

1st. Bank of the Marshall Islands

Address: 495C+VHG, Delap-Uliga-Djarrit, Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands

Service time: 9 AM to 6 PM. 

                      Saturday 1 to 4 PM

Phone: +692 625-3637

2nd.Bank of Marshall Islands

Address: QPJP+3GQ, Kwajalein Atoll 96970, Marshall Islands

Phone: +692 329-4606

service time: 9AM to 6 PM 

                    Saturday 1 to 4 PM 

3rd. Bank Of Marshall Islands

Address: F65P+PFR, Wotje, Wotje Atoll, Marshall Islands

Phone: +692 247-3636

In this paragraph, we have highlighted some information about the Marshall Islands Development Bank.

1.MIDB Majuro

P.O. Box 1048

Majuro, MH 96960

(692) 625-3230/3223/5270

2.MIDB Ebeye

P.O. Box 5159

Ebeye, Kwajlein, MH 969670

(692) 329-4230/4223/4270

3. MIDB Wotje

P.O. Box 8020

Wotje, MH 96960

(692) 455-7189

MARSHALL ISLANDS BANK BIC / Swift code details:


BIC / Swift code: BOMDMH22XXX