Can Babies Travel Without a Passport?

Can Babies Travel Without a Passport in the US?

A passport is required for travelers, even those who cannot walk or talk. Sometimes, children also need to have tickets. Your child’s passport requirement depends on how you travel and where you are going. So, in turn, the question repeatedly arises: Can Babies Travel Without a Passport?

Remember, these rules continually change and update, so you should check out the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative site.

Can Babies Travel Without a Passport?

The most asked question is, Does your baby have a passport? If you plan on traveling with your baby, the answer is probably yes. However, there are some instances where that may not be necessary; what you need to know about internationally is traveling without a passport for infants and children under 12 months old.

As many of us prepare for our annual summer vacations this year, it might be a shock to learn that some countries require Americans to obtain visas before entering their borders – even if they’re visiting for up to 90 days! The list includes popular travel destinations like Mexico and Canada, which means many people will likely run into trouble at customs when trying to re-enter the U.S. after their trip south or north. 

How do I get my baby a U.S.A. passport?

International air travel

Federal law requires all travelers to have a passport and children’s passports on international Travel. You must know this well if you need an upcoming trip outside the United States. To begin with, you will go to Travel. State. In the passports segment, download Type DS-11 and submit the first paperwork. Click” Apply for or Renew My Passport,” then choose” Children under 16″ on the tab on your left side. The two-page form asks for private information, including your infant’s social safety number. You can accomplish this part in your home.

All the standard rules of the passport must be followed. To take pictures of children, they have to lie on a white cloth or sit on a seat and take pictures.

Western Hemisphere Land and Sea

Under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, children under 16 do not need a travel passport. These include the United States, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and the Caribbean. You must present your child’s birth certificate.

Application for child’s passport

Applying for your child’s passport is a little complicated. You must be present at the office with your child. You must have your signature on a recognized notice if the parent is absent. If there is a court issue, you must provide proof of the court order. You must submit identity documents and evidence of your relationship with your child. The child’s citizenship certificate must be provided at the same time. You must bring a photocopy and the original certificate of all the credentials.

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Besides, getting the passport approved usually takes 04 to 06 weeks.


A minor’s passport is $60-115 for approval. And a $ 35 acceptance fee. You can get a ticket quickly for an extra charge.

At what age does a baby need a passport to travel?

When traveling internationally with a baby, knowing the rules and regulations of your destination country is essential. Some countries require infants to have their passports to travel, and others do not. The United States does not need an infant (under two years old) to have access when traveling domestically OR internationally as long as they are accompanied by at least one parent or legal guardian. 

While this may be true for U.S.A. citizens, there are still countries that will want you to bring along another form of I.D., such as a birth certificate if your baby is under 18 months old. It is good to check before planning any trips anywhere to avoid any unnecessary stress during your travels!

Can a baby fly without a passport in the U.S.? 

Traveling with an infant can be exciting and daunting, especially when understanding all the necessary documentation. Parents often wonder whether or not their little one needs a passport to fly within the U.S.

All passengers – regardless of age or status – traveling internationally require a valid passport; domestic flights within the U.S. often don’t require one for babies under two.

  • Domestic Travel within the U.S. for infants does not require a passport; however, essential factors should still be considered. Airlines may request proof of age from infants traveling without tickets or sitting on an adult’s lap, such as birth certificates or immunization records.
  • Though babies do not require passports for domestic Travel in the U.S., carrying some form of identification with you during your journey is always a good idea to ensure smooth and hassle-free Travel.
  • So, while babies can travel on domestic flights without bringing identification documents, parents and guardians must remain aware of specific airline requirements as they travel with their little ones.

The more you plan, the easier your Travel will be. Managing your travel time, documents, flights, and hotels is entirely up to you. We hope you enjoyed reading this “Can Babies Travel Without a Passport?” post.