How Expensive Is Luxembourg for Tourists in US Dollars

How Expensive Is Luxembourg for Tourists in US Dollars? A Detailed Guide

Luxembourg, where luxury harmonizes with affordability, beckons those curious about the price of visiting this picturesque European gem. In this article, we unravel the expense of experiencing Luxembourg, all measured in US dollars. Nestled in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg, renowned for its opulence and affluence, is a haven for budget-conscious travelers.

While it is true that high-end shopping and fine dining experiences are plentiful, there are numerous ways to relish this country without straining your wallet. Whether you’re a history enthusiast eager to explore centuries-old castles or a nature lover craving breathtaking vistas, let’s embark on a journey to unveil the true cost of savoring Luxembourg’s grandeur.

The Expense:

  • A mid-range hotel averages $150 to $200 per night.
  • Dining at restaurants ranges from $15 to $40 per person.
  • Public transportation is relatively budget-friendly, with a single ticket costing approximately $2.
  • Note that prices may fluctuate based on the season and specific location within Luxembourg.

How Expensive Is Luxembourg for Tourists in US Dollars

Luxembourg indeed offers a mesmerizing blend of luxury and affordability, inviting travelers to explore its wonders without compromising financial prudence

How expensive is Luxembourg for tourists in US dollars?

When visiting Luxembourg, it’s important to consider the country’s reputation for a high cost of living, with 1 US dollar roughly equivalent to 0.85 euros. Accommodation costs can vary, from mid-range hotels averaging 150-200 US dollars per night to budget-friendly options like hostels and guesthouses. Dining out can be pricey, with mid-range restaurant meals costing around 80–100 US dollars for two, while transportation expenses also require careful planning.

Luxembourg’s Expense Considerations for Tourists

Luxembourg’s Reputation:

  • Known for its high cost of living.
  • Exchange rate: 1 US dollar ≈ 0.85 euros.

Accommodation Costs:

  • Mid-range hotels: Average of 150-200 US dollars per night.
  • Budget-friendly options: Hostels and guesthouses are available for around 50-100 US dollars per night.
  • Booking in advance is advised for better rates.

Dining Out:

  • Culinary diversity but often pricey.
  • A three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant: About 80–100 US dollars.
  • Budget-friendly alternative: Street food and fast food options, roughly 10–15 US dollars per meal.


  • Efficient public transportation: Buses and trains are reasonably priced, with a single ticket costing around 2-4 US dollars.
  • Renting a car: A more expensive option, starting at approximately 60-80 US dollars per day.

Planning and Budgeting:

    • Careful planning is essential for a visit to Luxembourg.
    • While it may be costlier compared to some destinations, the country offers a unique and unforgettable experience well worth the investment.


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Summary of Luxembourg Travel Expenses

Luxembourg, when assessed in US dollars, may appear to be on the expensive side for tourists. Accommodation costs, with mid-range hotels averaging between $150 to $250 per night, can certainly add up. However, savvy travelers can discover budget-friendly alternatives like hostels and bed and breakfasts, providing comfortable stays without breaking the bank. Dining out in Luxembourg is indeed a culinary adventure, but meals at mid-range restaurants can range from $30 to $50 per person. For those looking to save on food expenses, exploring local markets and savoring street food can provide delicious and cost-effective dining experiences.

While Luxembourg’s prices may raise eyebrows in US dollars, it’s important to remember that this small European country offers exceptional experiences that transcend monetary considerations. Its picturesque landscapes, from the captivating Ardennes to the charming Luxembourg City, are worth every penny. So, despite the initial financial investment, the memories and cultural enrichment gained from exploring Luxembourg are truly invaluable for travelers willing to embark on this enchanting journey.