Information about all airports in Marshall Islands

Your Ultimate Resource for All Airports in Marshall Islands: A Complete Guide

The Marshall Islands is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Many tourists come here every year. However, if the transportation system is not sound, tourists do not come. Therefore, we show Marshall islands airports. 

The Marshall Islands are an archipelago in the Central Pacific Ocean. They are located in the southern portion of Micronesia and are composed of the nation of the Marshall Islands and the Northern Mariana Islands, two small islands belonging to the United States. They are an independent nation in free association with the United States.

There are about 35 airports in the Marshall Islands. We will highlight the airports for your convenience.

There are many airports on marshall island. The airport in the city of Chancey will pick up the shots for you to go to any city on the Marshall Islands. 

Marshall islands airports

Here is the list of marshall island airports.

Airports    City
Ailinglaplap Airok Airport Ailinglaplap Island
Ailuk Island Airport    Ailuk Island
  1. Airok Airport -Airok, Ailinglaplap
  2. Amata Kabua International Airport -Majuro
  3. Arno Airport -Arno
  4. Aur Island Airport-Aur Island
  5. Ebadon Airport-Ebadon
  6. Elenak Airport-Kwajalein Atoll
  7. Enewetak Island Airport -Enewetak Island
  8. Enijet Airport -Mili Atoll
  9. Enyu Airfield Airport -Bikini Atoll
  10. Ine Island Airport -Ine Island
  11. Jabot Airport – Jabot
  12. Jaluit Island Airport -Jaluit Island
  13. Jeh Airport -Jeh
  14. Kaben Airpor t-Kaben
  15. Kili Island Airport -Kili Island
  16. Kwajalein Airport -Kwajalein
  17. Lae Island Airport -Lae Island
  18. Likiep Island Airport -Likiep Island
  19. Loen Airport-Loen
  20.    Majkin Airport -Majkin
  21. Maloelap Island Airport-Maloelap Island
  22. Mejit Island Airport-Mejit Island
  23. Mili Island Airport-Mili Island
  24. Namdrik Island Airport-Namdrik Island
  25. Namu Airport-Namu
  26. Rongelap Island Airport-Rongelap Island
  27. Tabal Airport-Tabal
  28. Tinak Island Airport-Tinak Island
  29. Ujae Island Airport-Ujae Island
  30. Utirik Island Airport-Utirik Island
  31. Woja Airport-Woja
  32. Wotho Island Airport-Wotho Island
  33. Wotje Island Airport -Wotje Island

The list of airports in the Marshall Islands is given above for your convenience. In this paragraph, we have tried to highlight each of the Marshall Islands airports – international airports, domestic airports, military and private airports, etc.

Overall, the Marshall Islands airports are very well served by airlines and offer a reasonable choice of destinations. The Marshall Islands are becoming more popular as a tourist destination due to the beautiful beaches. Almost any goal in the world is possible for this country. With so many tourists coming to the Marshall Islands every year, the Marshall Islands airports are bustling.