Marshall Islands Airport Flights Schedule: Ticket Price a

Marshall Islands Airport Flights Schedule: Ticket Price and More

Take a look at the Marshall Islands airport flights schedule, and find out which airline has the cheapest tickets to Marshall Island. Operates flights to the Marshall Islands from many countries around the world. The Marshall Islands are located mainly in the Pacific region; not all countries operate flights due to the long distances. We will show this article about Marshall islands flights. The Marshall Islands operates more flights from the United States. This blog post will provide you with information about Marshall Island’s airport flights schedule, ticket price, airlines flying there, and more! 

If you are searching for information on Marshall Islands airport flights, look no further because this is the very website that provides the details of the flights. The flights are usually operated by Marshall Islands International Airport to various cities around the world. As an island, the Marshall Islands does not have a large network of airports.

The good news for the people of the United States is that you can easily get to the island from here. Frequent flights from the United States to the Marshall Islands. Here we show you the flights to the Marshall Islands. The average distance from the United States to the Marshall Islands is 6004 miles. The average non-stop time is 36 hours and 51 minutes. 

The cheapest flight to the Marshall Islands

The cheapest ticket to the Marshall Islands from the United States found in the last 72 hours was $827 one-way and $1,471 round-trip. The most popular route is from Honolulu to Majuro, and the cheapest round-trip airline ticket found on this route in the last 72 hours was $1,471.

Marshall islands flights

The Marshall Islands does not have flights from all countries. A few flights operate on the island. A few flights operate on the island. 

Flights from the United States

To Cost Country
Alaska $2,394 Germany
Arizona $2,331 Mexico
California $1,861 Austria
District of Columbia $2,384 UK
Florida $2,451 Canada
Hawaii $1,471 Italy

$2,693  Maine

$2,384  Maryland

$3,360 Massachusetts

$2,381 Minnesota

$2,502 New York

$2,503 North Carolina

$2,362 Oklahoma

$1,924 Oregon

$2,550 Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Spokane

$3,333 Texas

$2,197 Utah

$2,244  Washington

lying from Honolulu to Majuro

Flying from Honolulu to Majuro costs an average of $177 for a round-trip ticket. The cheapest airfare to Majuro is from Honolulu for $177.In summary, the new Marshall Islands flights from Honolulu are a new opportunity for visitors to the beautiful islands of the Pacific. Visitors coming from Hawaii will be able to enjoy a beautiful holiday in a scenic destination with a seemingly endless array of experiences and adventures.


In conclusion, many people choose to travel to the Marshall Islands for the chance to experience this tropical paradise. Visitors can enjoy the beaches, or explore the island to discover hidden waterfalls or other secluded locations. There are rumors that the Marshall Islands are sinking.