What to do in Guam for 4 days with friends

What to do in Guam for 4 days with friends?

Guam is an island in the western Pacific Ocean. It is under the United States. A fierce battle between the Japanese and US navies took place here during World War II. The original inhabitants here are the people called Chamorro. The original inhabitants here are the people called Chamorro. They settled here about 4,000 years ago. It is the largest and southernmost island of the Mariana Islands. Its capital is Hagatna (formerly known as Agana). Guam’s economy is largely tourism-based. Besides, an important US military base is located here.

Many travelers visit this island every year. Anyone will be mesmerized by the beauty and environment of this island. If you are traveling with your friends, this island can be ideal for you. We will discuss in detail where to visit this island with friends. Hope you read our article carefully.

What to do in Guam for 4 days with friends?

Guam is a small tropical island located in the western Pacific Ocean and its part of a cluster of thousands of islands that make up Micronesia. As a territory of the United States since WWII, this little island measures only 210 square miles (540 sq km) and has a population of just under 170,000 people. Although small, the island is particularly well known for its beautiful beaches and some pretty incredible sights.

Guam’s tourist island’s picturesque beaches, extensive diving opportunities, and indigenous culture and history will fascinate anyone. Explore Guam’s family-friendly attractions and add them to your vacation plans using our Guam trip planner.

1. Visit the Breathtaking Ritidian Point

Ritidian Point is the northernmost point in Guam. Located in the Ego area. Retidian Point is part of the Guam National Wildlife Refuge and is managed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. It has its own share of natural beauty that is called a tropical paradise.

This place consists of several beaches with beautiful white sand shores along the stretch of northern Guam. There are shallow and clear waters, ideal for families and friends with your kids. The place still maintains its natural sea tranquility, relatively unaffected by hotels and businesses.

2. Venture to the beautiful Spanish Steps for a bit of snorkeling.

The Spanish Steps have become one of the most beautiful things to do in Guam to spend time with friends in Guam. These Spanish Steps are located on Naval Base Guam, which means you need military access to get to the lagoon. You have to be in the military or know someone who can get you in.

Note that these locations are also difficult to access as they are not always open. Access to the beach is closed for safety during the turtle hatching season. You can find here an ideal place to visit with your family and friends.

3. Go Snorkeling on One of Guam’s Many Beaches

Guam is a perfect place to visit with your family or friends. Everyone can enjoy its beauty and beach shooting. Grab a snorkel, fins, and goggles, and enjoy swimming under the turquoise waters of Guam. Gun Beach, Gab Gab Beach, PT Bomb Holes Marine Preserve, Family Beach, Cabras Island, Coral Gardens, Aren Islands, Haputo Beach, and Double Reef are all bound to impress you.

Due to the ban on fishing, tourists can see a lot of marine life when they swim through the waters.

4. Hike to Ritidian Point – Guam’s most northern point.

Ritidian is the northernmost beautiful place on the island of Guam. Guam is a large part of the National Wildlife Refuge and is closed depending on weather or federal holidays. The preserve here features cafes, hiking trails, and a beach all safe for tourists! The beach may not be the best place for swimming due to strong rip currents with special caution.

But you’ll find the sands here are pristine and the coastline stunning. The hike to Retidian Point is easily accessible from any tourist parking lot and the longest round-trip route is 2.5 miles.

5. Stroll through Chamorro Village

The Chamorro village originally became famous for its lively and picturesque market. If you want to enjoy the rural environment and enjoy the mix of cultures, then this place in Guam Island is perfect for you. In addition to the place being open all day, the Chamorro village hosts a tourist market here every Wednesday night.

The weekly market of this place is a major point of attraction for tourists from all over the world. The entire Chamorro village is surrounded by several attractions, including the Paseo de Susana Park and the San Antonio Bridge.

6. Soak up History at the Magellan Monument

Among the entire island of Guam, this historic landmark is located in the village of Humatac. The monument here is believed to be a tribute to the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. Magellan was on a voyage commissioned by the Spanish Crown when he landed in Guam.

At this place, he stayed for some days, during which time he used good food and water from here. The monument is surrounded by a very nice park to sit and relax.

7. Two Lovers Point

Two Lovers Point in Tamsung is one of Guam’s most beautiful and iconic spots. The lookout point offers breathtaking views of the Philippine Sea on the plunging cliff face. The cliff drops directly into the ocean 400 feet below and all tourists can do is hang on the jagged rocks or look through binoculars for a panoramic view. You can enjoy this real beauty with the help of binoculars.

8. Enjoy a sunset cocktail on Gun Beach.

The Beach Bar – located right at the edge of Gun Beach – is a great place to grab a cocktail or eat by the sea. One of the most beautiful places to enjoy the sunset and the starry night sky. Sometimes the weather here takes a very terrible form, this place is perfect to watch cyclones. Those who live on the island will tell you it’s also the best sunset in Guam.

9. Enjoy an Underwater World Visit at Fish Eye Marine Park

This place is ideal for tourists who are very keen to visit Fish Eye Marine Park, PT Bay Marine. A fun tourist spot for solo travelers, family, and friends. One can visit this place to enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the entire Pacific Ocean through the observatory. One can see fish, sharks, turtles, and various other marine animals from the observatory. Guam has managed to preserve these marine beauties well while making them available to all tourists.