Where is the best place to stay in toronto with family

Creating Family Memories in Toronto: The Best Places to Stay in Toronto

For a family-friendly stay in Toronto, consider neighborhoods like North York, which offers a suburban feel and proximity to attractions like the Toronto Zoo, if you prefer a more residential, peaceful environment. In contrast, the Harbourfront area offers waterfront views and family-oriented activities. The best choice depends on your preferences and the interests of your family members.

Toronto is the capital of Canada, and this city is lovely. Every year a lot of tourists come to visit this city. Today, we talk about where to stay in Toronto. Want to know the best neighborhoods in Toronto? While the city may be ideal for you, it can be scary for others. Determining which community in Toronto is best is much more challenging. 

Where is the best place to stay in Toronto? 

The city of Toronto has 140 officially recognized areas and 239 unofficial areas. So, let’s see where to stay in Toronto. Finding a safe place in an unfamiliar city is a challenging task. For a family-friendly experience, areas like North York or Harbourfront provide easy access to attractions and waterfront activities. Downtown Toronto is a central option with diverse offerings for shopping, dining, and cultural experiences.

Neighborhood Notable Features
Kensington Market Unique, bohemian, vibrant, accessible via road car routes
The Annex Hub for professionals and creativity, budget-friendly
Liberty Village Small village, popular among young professionals
Parkdale Trendy West End, diverse communities, vibrant atmosphere
Chinatown Close to downtown, excellent restaurants, lively atmosphere
Cabbagetown Tree-lined streets, small village setting, great restaurants
Danforth-Greektown Safe and family-friendly, festive flavors, green spaces
Little India Budget-friendly, excellent Indian food, captivating market
Leslieville Family-friendly, popular among creative types
Playter Estates-Danforth Primarily residential, excellent food, transit access
Casa Loma Affluent area, exclusive real estate, secluded enclave
Yonge-Eglinton Popular midtown, easy access to Toronto, high-rise buildings
Yonge-St. Clair Midtown luxury, three subway stops, green spaces
Yorkville Affluent, high-quality stores, luxurious hotels, celebrities

Where to stay in Toronto with family? 

Kensington Market

Kensington Market is known as the unique and most iconic area of Toronto. Kensington is known as a bohemian place. The bohemian area makes it a great place to live. You can easily access Kensington using the road car route that takes you downtown. 

The town is located west of Chinatown, on the northern boundary between College Street and the southern border of Dundas Street. There are several record stores on College Street, and you will find cheap drinks from individual restaurants. Kensington Market is a great place to go late at night. 

The Annex

Like other neighborhoods in the West End of Toronto, Annex is a hub for professionals and creativity. Accommodation for students, faculty, and staff at the University of Toronto. The annex comprises old houses, pubs, and restaurants with leafy streets. 

This space is suitable for a student’s budget. In addition, its budget helps you to visit with family. The annex is on the northwestern border, which is generally considered to be the city of Toronto. Therefore, the annex is an excellent place for many people to live.

Liberty Village

A group of Liberty Village High Rise Condos has now emerged as a small village at the far end of Kings West. It has become a popular place for young professionals to live. An easy commute to downtown Toronto. Liberty Village is an excellent location for those who work in downtown Toronto. This town is also suitable for family tours. 


A trendy part of Toronto’s West End is just west of Liberty Village and south of Ronsavals. This city has become the desired area. Parkdale is home to Tibetans, North Africans, West Indians, vintage shops, and comic bookstores. 


Chinatown is considered home to a sizeable Chinese community in Toronto. It is close to downtown, has excellent restaurants, and is a great place to buy fruits and vegetables. In addition, it is known as a great place to live. 


Cabgatown is thus appropriately named for struggling Irish immigrants. The tree-lined streets of Cabgatown add to Toronto’s beauty. The area around Carlton has a small village setting and some great restaurants. Very suitable for living.


Danforth-Greektown is known as one of Toronto’s safest and most family-friendly neighborhoods. This city is much safer for your child. Danforth-Greektown: Danforth is best known for its festive flavors with family and kids. Occupies Danforth Avenue from Brandview to Pep every August weekend.

Danforth-Greektown is an excellent place for nature lovers and green space seekers. Ideal for living here with family and kids.

Little India

Little India is located on the eastern edge of Leslieville. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. Little India has excellent Indian food, and the Gerard India market will captivate you with its beauty. So, you will live here tension-free. Little India is budget-friendly. 


Leslieville is a beautiful city in the East End. It is also a family-friendly neighborhood. Leslieville is popular among the creative types and is filled with shops and restaurants. These serve a variety of people who have excellent interests. Naturally, you will stay with your kids. 

Playter Estates-Danforth

 Platter Estates-Danforth consists of primarily residential areas. The town is located on the border of Danforth and North Riverdale. Lots of food here offers excellent food, instant access to transit, and excellent views. So you will stay here. 

Casa Loma

Casa Loma is a town in an area of South Hill. A house was built here in the 1900s. Exclusive real estate here, the financial and entertainment hub of the city center.

It is an attractive natural rolling hill adorned with the beauty of lots of trees. Unfortunately, it is one of the most expensive areas in Toronto. Casa Loma is a secluded enclave with beautiful, large houses surrounded by old trees and safe parks in the city center. 


Yonge-Eglinton Hall is a popular midtown built between Yonge Street and Eglinton Avenue. , Has easy access to Toronto from here. It recently changed to Midtown Toronto’s Las Vegas. There are many high-rise buildings and excellent restaurants. 

Yonge-St. Clair

Claire is midtown, where about 2% of the population lives in luxurious heights. Young-St. Has three subway stops and green spaces, including forested valleys. The area is one of the best schools in Toronto City. De la Sal, St. Michael’s College, and Upper Canada College are notable among these. 


Yorkville is one of the most affluent parts of Toronto. In Yorkville, rich and famous people can shop in high-quality stores like Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton. You can enjoy yourself in many high-quality hotels. Toronto hosts the International Film Festival in September. Yorkville comes with many celebrities; Yorkville can be a great place if you want to see it. 

Best Neighborhoods in Toronto for Families – Video 

Choosing where to stay in Toronto depends on your specific needs. Downtown Toronto is ideal for a central location, offering access to iconic attractions and a bustling city atmosphere. Families might prefer areas like North York for a quieter, family-friendly environment with easy access to attractions. If you’re on a budget, exploring options in neighborhoods like Queen West or the Annex can provide affordable accommodations without compromising experiences. Ultimately, the best place to stay in Toronto varies based on your preferences: a lively downtown scene, family-oriented neighborhoods, or budget-friendly districts.